Autumn Colour Week: Tuesday - Green II

Eva Taffeta Anklestrap Baby BootiesIvory & mossvia Lily Jane Stationery

Vivienne Strauss

Mini Planter by Yummy & CompanyMini Planter by Yummy and Company


green3Above clockwise from top left: Coffee cup cozie by Wayside Violet; The Forest Cowl by Five Trees; Geranium Zip purse by inleaf; and Crown Sealer onesie from bespoke uprising.

bearded gentlemanTreatzone

Above clockwise: Ginkgo Biloba Necklace by Eikcam; Letterpress 30th Birthday card by a. favorite design; Desktop Bird by Quiet Animals; Paperguild Frame in green by Junky Heirloom.

Squirrel in the Attic

Charm School Dropout

Jan Halvarson


Leciawp said...

Wow - impressive green! I especially love the top image. Thanks again for the inspiration - I had fun looking for some green this morning.

justhappilyeverafter said...

Those baby shoes are ADORABLE, what is it about baby shoes that always make them too cute!

Anonymous said...

hi there - just wanted to say i love your blog and that i bought the vivienne strauss because of this post. thank you. xx

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! and Mom Jeans, lucky you!