Autumn Colours Week! Orange Collage

Another lovely Autumn Colour Day had by all. Orange, we love you. Thanks to all the awesome people who participated! Without you, we would be nothing. Click here to see more. Here's some highlights of the day.

Row 1
NOTyourrunofthemill; viacreativa; kristin-mainemonna; alphabet soup studio; j.e.n.n.y.; girlhula

Row 2
uppitygirl; Geninne; uppitygirl; Telling Stories\Hettie; viacreativa; le meli melo de val

Row 3
Geninne; in the violet hour; le meli melo de val; A Day That is Dessert; shannonblue; le meli melo de val

Row 4
nessavay; leedav; knitalatte11; pinecone camp; pinecone camp

Telling Stories/Hettie; uppitygirl; Geninne

cabinspectrum napkinsCalabazas

Jan Halvarson


Stacey said...

Stunning! I didn't even know about this one(i've been mia). I participated in the summer colours and did ya know that i'm obsessed with orange?

NOTyourrunofthemill said...

Thank you... again for selecting one of my photos. So.. What is the next colour going to be?


Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be included. Thank you!