One of our final Road Trip participants is Erin Loechner which many of you know her from her awesome blog, Design for Mankind. Erin recently moved from L.A. to Fort Wayne, Indiana! We were excited to see her new place of residence on this mini-tour in our series. Thanks Erin!

1. Name: Erin Loechner
2. Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
3. Website: Design for Mankind

No. 1. REST:

I'll be honest; I've never stayed in this motel, but I think the exterior is slammin' cool. Plus, there's one of those iron-clad fenced in pools that just screams "Midwest!" Love it.

No. 2. TREATS:

Zesto's is my favorite treat spot, and I'll admit I visit the ice cream stand more often than I should. It reminds me of fun little lunch trucks in L.A., or "roach coaches," depending on the degree of awesomeness, I suppose. My favorite flavor is 'Birthday Cake,' which, contrary to popular belief, really does come more than once a year.


Fox Island is the closest to a beach we can get here in Indiana, and it's quaint, cute and dirty. Which has all of the ingredients of a fun-filled Saturday afternoon if you ask me. I like to take my dogs to the dog beach and let them swim laps (My eldest, George, is learning the butterfly!). (That's a lie.)


I found my souvenir here, as well, and if you look hard enough, you're guaranteed to do the same. I spotted a sweet little heart-shaped leaf that I've framed in my home -- it's the perfect shade of yellow for a cool gray wall, and I know it's a keepsake I'll own forever.


I feel horrible, but I have to be honest here -- I don't shop in Fort Wayne. Most of my goods come from an online shoppe or well, Target, and how fun would that be to photograph? Not very. So you'll have to use your imagination here, and know that sometimes shopping local doesn't necessarily mean shopping local in your own town.

Thanks for having me, Jan, and happy summer!

Jan Halvarson

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lisa solomon said...

erin is too cute....
and how pretty is fox island?