Fresh From the Oven by Will Bryant: Jan Avendano

by Will Bryant

Jan Avendano is a graphic design student currently living in Toronto. Miss Avendano's work can be found on several Threadless tees including a Select!

She is entering her fourth year at OCAD and enjoys doodling, pugs, coffee, yummy food, basketball and good times. Sometimes she's screen prints. I was fortunate to have a cybersitdown with Jan and ask her a few questions!

Beyond the internet, what serves as a source of inspiration?
Recently I've been biking down streets that have really old houses on them. They're always surrounded by giant, huge trees! Also, they all look so different from each other and have so much character. Music is also a huge source of inspiration as well as the stories and illustrations from children's books.

If you could work into any firm/studio/company what would it be?
Working at Threadless would obviously be an awesome gig to have. Honestly though, I haven't fully explored where I'd like to end up. Right now I'm just focusing on trying to make good work. But anywhere where I can experiment in combining both my illustrative and graphic works together would be great.

What is the magical number of kittens in a basket?
If you replace the word kittens with puppies the magical number is any number. But you asked for kittens...hmm. I would say three or possibly even twelve if the weather is nice.

I adore your music inspired drawings, what are you currently listening to?
Thanks! Right now I've been pretty happy with listening to recommended tunes from gorillavsbear (which, btw I discovered through you so thanks again!). I also can't stop playing the new Grizzly Bear, Neon Indian and Bowerbirds.

Thanks JAN! Find her on the internet:
Threadless Profile

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