This Week from Lisa Congdon: Lisel Ashlock

by Lisa Congdon


One day a couple weeks ago my business partner Rena was browsing Etsy for 2010 calendars (now you know how we find many of our products at Rare Device !), and she stumbled on the work of Lisel Ashlock of Brooklyn, New York. Several times a month, I get emails from Rena with the subject line "LOVE." (usually followed by an email noting a product or artist that she's discovered and loves.). This last time the "love" email was about Lisel's work. I, too, immediately fell in love.

It is no wonder that Rena and I feel so at home with Lisel's sensibilities--like us, she grew up in Northern California. Before moving to New York to acquire her MFA, she studied art at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.


Like other favorite artists Mike Maxwell , Marci Washington and Tiffany Bozic , Lisel has a gift for rendering both historical and natural imagery in a way that takes us to a "fourth" space--not the past or present or future, but some other world and time entirely. She is technically precise and at the same time exceptionally playful.


Want more? I will be featuring an interview with Lisel later this summer. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, visit Lisel's Etsy shop to purchase some of her magic.

Post by Lisa Congdon

Editors Note: Lisa will be away for next week's post, but will be back with us the following Monday, July 6th!

Jan Halvarson


holly aka golly said...

I love the detail in her painting. They are nature studies with a twist! I especially admire the series on Freud and the images based on stories by Richard Brautigan.

Birdcage Cards said...

I couldn't agree more - Lisel's work is technically perfect and oh so imaginative and playful. I had so much fun browsing her web site and fell in love with her "Invisible Cities" painting - and no its not just 'cause I adore Calvino it's because it's a great piece.

Thanks for intoducing me to such a talented and creative voice.

Julia Mark said...

Her work is quite intriguing, and well done. I love quirky art done with talent!