On the "all things little" radar!


1. Cushions, Famille Summerbelle
2. Letter Lights, Romp
3. Monte Cubino Chair, Fawn & Forest
4. Vintage Desk, Bianca and Family


5. Metal Basket, Bianca and Family
6. The Oeuf Mini Library, Oeuf
7. Metal Number Knobs, PBteen

Jan Halvarson


kadler said...

That vintage desk is so neat! Not sure I'd actually ever sit in it, but I'd make sure to look at it every once in a while.

our little love nest said...

The metal number knobs are so fun!! Wanting them for myself not for our kiddos (maybe I am a big kid)...they would be perfect on my filing cabinet. xo

gh said...

Yep, love that little scholl desk and chair with the built in notebook/magazine rack on the leg.
Also like that simple but fun wall unit