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I found some gems in our city this week and I'm so excited to share it with you! I was in Eugene Choo's (a clothing store on Main Street here - that carries alot of Canadian designers), and on the walls, were these most amazing black walnut wooden mirrors (handhelds each hanging offset from each other off leather strings). I'm already imagining 5 or so of them hanging just so over my sofa. When looking further while browsing the store, I noticed the same person who made the mirrors, made these laser cut wall art pieces (a horse and a rhino), and when I questioned the owner about who made them, he also mentioned the person who made them was local and also made some wooden laser cut jewelry (in the jewelry case), the mobiles hanging in the window (which I have no photos of but imagine miniature ship models hanging from wooden mini beams), and the shelves that were on the wall. Who was this designer/artist I had no idea about in my very own city? Turns out her name is Alex Henderson and she designs under the name Henderson Dry Goods.

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Kicking myself for not having my camera, I emailed the contact address on the site and asked for pictures and questions. Alex (the Saskatchewan born, Vancouver-based artist/designer behind these fine specimens) has a fine arts diploma from Langara and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr. The works she makes are one-of-a-kind pieces which are produced in small batch runs. She likes to use technology such as laser cutting and C.N.C. (computer numerically controlled) cutting to help her produce her work. Having said that- everything she makes still requires a lot of handwork she says and so she really works using a hybrid of computer technology and good old hand craft.

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Henderson Dry Goods is a new company for her, Eugene Choo hosted her official launch with the opening on December 4th. She used the opportunity of that "show" as a way to showcase more of her art and to produce a lot of special one-of-a-kind items. She made approximately 30 entirely unique pieces for Eugene Choo. She told us, Kildare, the owner, has been a huge supporter of hers since they first started selling hand felted hats she was making over 7 years ago. Over the years they have sold everything she has made from those hats, to slippers, to bags, to shower curtains, and now all the items I saw there this week. She says, "As a clothing store they are very adventuresome!"

hendersondrygoods3The shelves which are made from Jotoba are built with the glass of the bell jar fitted right into the wood. The jewelry is laser cut black walnut.

Alex has a lot of new products in the works, (more hanging mirrors), an expanded jewelry collection and some top secret home accessories (we love top secret)! Her site's not up yet, however she can be contacted through her email at alex[at]hendersondrygoods[dot]com. She is also willing to make special items to order as well.

Or her work is available at Eugene Choo, 3683 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N6, Canada (604) 873-8874. (Their site eugenechoo.com is not working last checked). She has someother interesting mirrors there as well, without handles and they hang from chains (similar to the chains used for her mirror neclaces below). Some of her jewelry may be available through Nokomis in Edmonton as well.

Necklace Image from demicouture.ca. All other images from Alex Henderson.


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