The Impossible Project + Favorite Things

favorite-thingsI don't know if I'm the only one who's not aware of this but I was just reading this post at UPPERCASE today about The Impossible Project. What good news!

Someone with the vision (and money) as Janine puts it, are giving life back to Polaroid instant film! They are planning to re-start production of analog Integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras by 2010. They have acquired Polaroid's old equipment, factory and they seek your support. Click here for more info. How awesome is that?

Speaking of polaroids, current and past Poppytalk Handmade participants, Alicia Bock and Susanah Conway have a cool polaroid project going on called Favorite Things. They each take a Polaroid photo of a favorite thing each week and post the set on this new blog. A definite must see if you love polaroids! Click here to see. (Via Decor8).

Jan Halvarson


claire platt said...

that is exciting news!
the price of polaroid film in any shops that have it left here is crazy! its more than double what it used to be!

melange muse said...

That is SO awesome!
I fully support bringing back the polaroid!

Anonymous said...

I think the Polaroid film production site was recently bought by someone who'll continue it's prodcution? Which is great because I've recently become completely hooked on polaroid photography. In fact I recently did a post featuring the Photogs of Etsy. I just bought several myself.