Galley Love!


We came across these two galley kitchens over the holidays and loved them both. First, Saidos da Concha out of Portugal, does a great display with her shelves, and loving the red floor tiles. And a great "before and after" from Ottawa's Decorate it Darling. It's amazing what a little paint, some new shelves and art can do for a room. (The before/after via Kirtsy).


Jan Halvarson


steppie said...

ooh - love it! very inspiring. :)

Concha said...

:) :) :)

Thanks so much for featuring my kitchen: I'm flattered!

Happy new year!

Miss | A said...

oh I love LOVE those paintings with writing on them!! who did those?

jawcey said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I should post some new photos soon now that my kitchen is more lived in, that the shelves actually have food on them and that the windows have curtains and plants on them :)

Love your blog!


PS - to answer Miss Aimee, I did the paintings myself :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT before and after makeover!!

Yellowgoat said...

I like the after kitchen very much. I've also posted about Concha studio's home before. :D