Holiday Special Offers


Albertine Press is offering Poppytalk readers a special on two of their limited edition calendars. They are offering a free pack of hand-marbled notecards with every calendar order. Enter "Poppytalk" at checkout to receive the gift.The first is a hand-bound, letterpress printed, miniature accordion book calendar featuring vintage natural illustrations. The second is a hand-marbled and letterpress printed desk calendar.

In paper marbling, paints are dripped, spattered and sprayed onto the surface of a tray of seaweed-thickened water (to keep the pigments afloat) and then drawn through with various tools to achieve particular patterns. When the desired pattern is reached, a sheet of pre-treated paper is carefully laid down across the surface of the tray, thereby transferring the image. Then the process is started all over again. Due to the process each page is a complete original, so no two calendars are alike.



Magnolia Moonlight is having a special sale going on this week at their shop,

+ BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! Dec. 14 through Dec. 21
Buy a Magnolia Moonlight Shout Wall Calendar, or Magnolia Moonlight Calendar for Important Dates, and get one FREE! One week only! Don't miss this Super Holiday Special!

Jan Halvarson

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