granted clothing


November's a time for re-discovering your favorite wool sweater (or finding a new one - like these from Vancouver's Granted Clothing). Inspired by the distinctive Cowichan sweaters (originally made by local native coastal people), these hand knit sweaters have their own unique style they call "modern Canadiana". With a new online store, now it's easy to keep cozy with an authentic "Made in Canada" product. Have a look at their collection here or shop online here.


Jan Halvarson


teresa said...

What kind of dog is that?!?!

Enfin,la voila! said...

what a sweet dog!

Jan Halvarson said...

teresa, i wish i knew too. it looks like a scottish terrier of some sort.

Every Little Counts said...

LOVE the legwarmers!

Sophie said...

So lovely. So gorgeous! thanks