chakra pennywhistle pillows

Loving these pillows from Chakra Pennywhistle, that I just stumbled upon today on the treasury at Etsy, especially the rod iron one (and that chair is to die for too)! Inspired by Early American Decoration, each design was drawn to reflect a folksy/modern version of the style. Pillows are made from 100% organic cotton twill.

Jan Halvarson


Ursula said...

Love that Chakra Pennywhistle! I've seen these pillows in person, and the organic cotton feels amazing... so soft! Beautiful work and a great feature.

ABBY said...

beautiful. i want to cozy up in those chairs, thanks to the pillows, of course.

thanks for sharing, too!

Carrie Nicole said...

oh those are lovely!

i tell you, etsy sellers never cease to amaze. what need is there for mass produced junk when there is so much loveliness just pouring out of etsy-land?