the book of decorating


This morning watching the Today Show I was reminded of the new Domino Magazine book, The Book of Decorating as they featured a few tips on the show from the book on decorating a home on a budget. I so want this book and found they have a sneak peek online so you can check out what it's all about. View the video here. See more about the book here and it's now available through Barnes & Noble.

Jan Halvarson


Erica Kelly said...

omg i NEED this book! howww cute! as an interior design major i am sooo glad you've brought this to my attention - how could i not know about this??

Anonymous said...

did you know the text on this site is absolutely unreadable? is it just me? i just scroll through, but would love to be able to read what you say.

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Lia,

if you can, let me know if you can read now - and if not, can you let me know what type of browser you have.

Anonymous said...

oh, i can read it perfectly now!
just fyi i'm on i.e.