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I've been chatting a bit about some of my favorite artists and I think thursday's a good a day as any to share a personal project, or persona rather, called THE HOODED DEER. Under this moniker I throw ridiculously themed dance parties here in Mississippi. The parties have extremely positive atmospheres, fun beats, and explosions of neon! I'm far from being musically inclined, but I attempt to hide my lack of skills with a bombastic visual overload. It's SOOPER FUN! Come DANCE! You can see more photos here and videos!

As the Hooded Deer I also run a music/art blog with two of my good friends called Porch of the Mystics. The other two contributors, Johnny Disaster and Brad Barry, are well written highly cultured doods with charming personalities. We're all fantastic buddies reigning from the piney woods of Texarkana, Tx. When checking out the Porch you will find some lovely interviews, interesting discoveries, other-worldly mixes, and updates on dance parties. We try cover a broad spectrum of music and visual culture. And on each friday I release a seamless mix called Friday Feel which you can easily download for free. Check it out!


Special guest post by Will Bryant
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