cool bulldog clips


We’ve always been fond of the bulldog clip, and a bull dog clip with a magnet, even more. So you know we totally flipped somersaults when we saw these clever little numbers (or letters) in our inbox this past week.

Designed by Bubbo, the bulldog clips and pins are made with real vintage typewriter keys, that come in a sweet little cardboard box and are beautifully packaged.


Jan Halvarson


Julie said...

Cool clips ...but what struck me was the handwriting on the ledger - how beautiful is that?! (my grandfather writes like that ....)

Kim Buchheit said...

oh, what a clever clever clever use for old typewriter keys... and what a beautiful end result too!

J.Covington said...

Ditto that! Old typewriters have a way of getting me...a store down the street from mine just got vintage typewiter key cuff links in...I know I'm going to break down and get them. Cool.

Unknown said...

That's a nice twist to the bulldog clips...I may even have those on my store!


lisa solomon said...

great idea!

natasha said...

Thank you so much, everyone — I am happy you liked these! I wanted to do something with the keys, because I have a thing for typewriters and letters.
I came up with this simple idea + somehow no one on etsy didn't come up with it before (as I saw) :)

Dear Jan, thank you so much! It was a fantastic surprise!!