Camilla's Decals

Now here's some decals worth buying. Third drawer down has teamed up with a few artists including Sweden's Camilla Engman and created some fun decal kits for the home, or wherever. I have the urge to decal my entire house! (Check out Camilla's watering can she decal-ed - so cute!) Third Drawer Down, $14.95.

Jan Halvarson


Erin Lang Norris said...

oh my goodness. if i had these i would be unstoppable- they are too cute! i would never expect anything less from camilla, though!

some places i would put mine:

bathroom mirror
on top of the dryer (so i would actually have reason to put away the clothes that are folded!)
inside a cabinet door...and outside too.
my car would get one for sure, and that's saying a lot because i usually hate stickers on cars, but these are different!
and if i had kids, they'd all have their own sheets to use as they please.

lisa solomon said...


Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

ooooo. i'm in the market for decals!!