Renegade Comes to San Francisco, by Treatzone (Part One)

Editors Note: This post is a special coverage post thanks to Sandy and Matthew of Treatzone! (We are posting it in two parts today, the next half will be up as soon as blogger and/or flickr cooperates).

As first-time vendors at a big craft show, as well as San Francisco residents, we're super excited to share our take on the Renegade Craft Fair's first visit to our fair city! Most of the other sellers we met were also from somewhere along the west coast—from Seattle to Los Angeles and everywhere in between—so it seems we were long overdue for a show like this in our part of the country. (And the crowds on both days confirmed it.) But it wasn't locals only. Some crafters made the trip from as far away as Maine and Toronto. There was great work to be seen everywhere we turned, so without further ado, here some of the things that caught our eye.

Ex Libris Anonymous
One-of-a-kind journals made from recycled book covers of all sorts. Some of the original book pages are left interspersed between the blank journal pages, which we love.

Maiden Love
Repurposed envelopes, stuffed elephants filled with 100% pure wool, and more! Plus Maya donates a percentage of her proceeds to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Rock Scissor Paper
Just loved the bright colors and charming patterns on the designs by these ladies. And we love their Creative Interiors coloring book for grown-ups.

(Stay tuned for Part Two!) Posted by Sandy and Matthew of Treatzone

Jan Halvarson

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