the beach changing room

Touquet Beach, Far Northern France by Lylith

I've always loved changing rooms, the esthetics of them. Always painted in bright and cheery sunny colors, like mini playhouses by the sea. I did a search on flickr today to bring some unique ones here from around the world. Just because I wish I was at the beach today.

KlaipÄ—da, Lithuania by Kritta

Beach Jednak, Baltic Sea, by Ciama

Beach in Qingdao, Shandon, China by Babycool

Mulzenberg, South Africa from Andrew Deacon.

Pihlajasaari Beach, Finland by Pirkka2

A beach in Wales, by Cpearl

Unknown location from Fiesole.

Brighton Beach, Melbourne Australia by Rob Diggity

Prince Edward Island, Canada by Mark and Lily

Jan Halvarson


Leah said...

So great!

karin said...

They are gorgeous.

Di Overton said...

Today is my birthday and you are cordially invited to my party down by the river. Wear loose fitting clothes and don't drive due to the excessive amounts of food and champagne that is on offer.
Di at Designers Block

Julie said...

what a clever post! love the bright colors - how can you not smile looking at those? although the Prince Edward Island room looks like the only thing you'd change into would be a parka! :-)

heather smith jones said...

What an interesting topic! They remind me of how as a child, I always wanted my own club house.

Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

what an inventive & fun little round-up!

im not surprised you guys are getting so much attention lately-- your posts are great. :)

Fiona Cartolina said...

Brilliant fun!
I like the Finnish ones. I want one of those at our place.

Did you know that in England the beach huts sell for like $30,000 each at the best beaches, like Brighton.

Oh, and happy birthday Di - we'll be right over!

Alexis said...

I am obsessed with tiny houses, so I love the whole idea of beach changing rooms. I want one in my back yard!

Carolyn Gavin said...

the changing rooms on Muizenberg beach bring back such fantastic memories for me. as a child we used to take our holidays in Cape Town + i spent many a time using those colorful little wonders on the beach. G
looking at them now, they are still the same, but different from an adults perspective.

Peacock Modern said...

What a fantastic collection - I wish we had changing rooms like that at US beaches!

Mags said...

Joy... joy...!!! Thank you for the bright sights and even brighter ideas on this grey and rainy day!!!

lisa solomon said...

so inspiring.

Bettyjoy said...

Wonderful images