amy ross at rare device


"Shapeshifters: New Work by Amy Ross" opens this coming week at Rare Device in San Francisco on June 6th with a reception starting at 7pm.

“Shapeshifting” is the common element in Ross’ magical work—the blending of animal with plant or other objects is central to her story. Calling to mind folklore and mythology and cautionary tales of genetic engineering gone wrong, Ross’ drawings portray hybrid creatures formed by the morphing and splicing of flora and fauna. Ross is interested in the idea of artist as both storyteller and mad scientist: creator of a new version of the natural world, one in which quails bloom from the buds of a magnolia tree; mushroom-headed woodpeckers perch on tree stumps; and women with the heads of wolves roam the forest. She works largely in watercolor and adds collage elements into her work.

Rare Device
1845 Market Street @ Guerrero
San Francisco, CA


Jan Halvarson

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