the art of the display: yumi yumi


Artist: Aline Yamada
Poppytalk Handmade: Table 93
Shop Name: Yumi Yumi
Location: Columbus, OH

The first image (above)
These prints are all displayed above my son's dresser in his room. From left to right, they include "Tastee treats" by Little Friends of Printmaking, "The Garbage Tree" print by Daria Tessler. and my own I can count to Eight. I use little bulldog clips for the Tastee Treats print and an Ikea Ribba frame for the I can count to Eight print. The Garbage Tree print I still haven't gotten a frame for since I just got this past week. Also the plush monster is from and the bunny from lookwhaticando.


The second image-
These pieces are in our living room on a shelf my husband built from an old waterbed frame. The little wax head is from an Anne Hamilton piece we got from a good friend who worked for her. The little painting is from Bloodle, the framed print is by Yellena


The third image -
This is a silkscreen/collage piece done by Brandy Grogin and hung with bulldog clips in our upstairs hallway.


The fourth image-
This is a multi plate intaglio print titled "Disinter" by my husband, Jason Chambers, framed by two pieces of plexiglass and hardware that hangs by our front door.

Jan Halvarson


Holly Hatam said...

Thank you for this wonderful eye candy!

Nancy said...

Nice collection you have there.

f said...

love your husband's piece. does he sell his work? and how do you do that great plexiglass framing technique?? love these collections together.

kristine lombardi said...


lisa solomon said...

nice stuff.... :)

Ashes and Milk said...

Thanks for sharing your home. I actually went to school with hubby Jason, when he made the Disinter print. Small world.

Aline said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments about our collection everyone! And Francesca, this print is one of a few he made for his BFA thesis show a few years back and doesn't currently sell any. And as far as the technique of the two plexiglass pieced together, all I know is that he drilled holes into the plexi and assembled the hardware on to it. I'd ask him to write a better answer, but he's way on business. and ashes and milk - small world indeed!

topia7 said...

Hi there, I have Little Friends of Printmaking Tastee Treats print too. Great to see what you have done with it. I have framed mine and have it sitting on my dinning table with some catherineholm bowls. Check it out if you like: Tastee Treats framed
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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