until you die, please believe that i am your biggest fan

IMG_0611(painting on erasers, tangiene pohoko)

until you die, please believe that i am your biggest fan is the current exhibit (ending tomorrow - yikes!) at blim gallery here in vancouver by canadian artists, tangiene pohoko and linh truong. using unique painting surfaces, they paint favourite subjects (friends and family) and in this exhibit build a tribute to them, after years of being painted, scribbled, and manifested in multiple mediums unknown to themselves.

IMG_0609(paintings on dishes, linh truong)


tangiene has created her tribute using miniature paintings on erasers, recalling her past collected imagery which perpetually expires. linh uses dishes exploring the kitschy, iconic references of commemorative plates and collectibles.

the exhibit runs until april 26th at blim gallery, 197 17th ave. e, vancouver, bc, canada

P: (+1) 604 872 8180 E: info@blim.ca

platecombo(paintings on dishes, linh truong)

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

i especially like the eraser art!

lisa solomon said...

just the title alone is worth it ! :)