collecting: somethings hiding in here


i still have some collecting posts in my back pocket, and this one will not disappoint. from the philadelphia duo, something's hiding in here. in addition to their charming products, this couple has the most amazing home/workspace and now we've got the scoop on what they collect! here's our interview:

1. images of your collection(s)
a. vintage plastic deer
b. vintage school globes
c. wood knots
d. zines, artist books and small works
e. vintage illustrated dictionaries
f. vintage photos with dogs in them

2. how do your collections start?
most of our collections start by accident. we find a second of
something that we already have and it just seems like they should be together.
before you know it there are a whole pile of them. we don't hunt for
pieces - they just find us.

3. how do you display your collections?
we treat each collection differently. some fit nicely in a frame, some
live in a cabinet and others need something built just for them. it
depends on the object.

4. what is your favorite collection?
that is so hard... right now our favorite collection is the wood knots.
Stephen was noticing loose knots in lumber and started pulling them
out putting them in his pockets. i would discover them when doing laundry
and now we get excited every time he finds a new one.

5. what piece are you most looking for?
there's nothing we are on the hunt for... but always things we would
love to find. at the top of the list is: metal doll houses from the

artist books

thanks shauna & stephen

Jan Halvarson


Ashley said...

I just saw these photos on flickr. What a lovely home and clever displays!

Anonymous said...

These are so gloriously quirky! I looove their home!

lisa solomon said...

love how the globes are displayed

melissa said...

They are brilliant!

neryl said...

Yay for weird collections!

Linda Summerfield said...

Love your site. I can't stop collecting.

Anonymous said...

lovely vintage treaasures! i am a true blue vintage collector!