loving these little books and zippered pouches coming out of turku, finland from paperiaarre (which is Finnish for a paper treasure. Paperi=paper, aarre= treasure). the coptic bound journal/sketch book opens completely flat making it easy to write or draw in. covered with lovely linen. old fashioned locks are stenciled with acrylic paint and a hand-cut stencil. the pouch is made from off-white fair trade cotton and lined with vanilla colored cotton. the brown tree is stenciled by hand with fabric paint.

Jan Halvarson


jessica said...

wow, these are sooo great! I love the linen look of the zipper pouch. May have to snag myself one of those. :)

yellow owl said...

really fresh designs. don't know how to say "rad" in finnish.

Kaija said...

I guess that would be "siistiƤ" although I never say so :)

Thanks so much for doing this lovely feature, it made my day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!