New Poppytalk Handmade Market Dates & Prices Announced!

We're pleased to announce in support of the National Stationery Show and Surtex Show being held in NYC in May, our May Market, titled, "Paper Pops"! A Papergoods & Affordable Art Market and Showcase will be running May 12 - Jun 06, 2008! We're including the word showcase, as this will also be an excellent opportunity for those wanting to be seen and heard online as well during this period. The deadline for submissions for this market is April 25th, 2008.

We're following it with "Here Comes the Sun" A Summer-themed Market, Jun 09 - Jul 04, 2008, (Submission Deadline - May 25/09) just because we could all use some summer in our lives! We hope it will be filled with yellows, and flowers and lots of summer love!

And not to forget our very next one coming up, "A Mother's Day & Kids Market" running April 14 - May 09, 2008 (Submissions Deadline - Mar 28/08)!

New Pricing Too!

We are also pleased to offer a new pricing scale for the PHM markets. Many participants have been returning to the market and in some cases have been with us from the beginning. As we first began the market we priced it as if it were an ad space on our blog with extra perks (a table!) And now that many are returning, we'd like to offer a discount as follows:

First month - $60
If you return for a second month and each month after - $50
If you return (with advance notice) for three eligible consecutive months - $135

Please pass this info on to any one you think may benefit or would be interested in participating, thank you!

Jan Halvarson


caleb miles said...

OH SNAP! The designs and styles found on this site are crazy cool. Great Work

jessica said...

Love the new themes, especially the here comes the sun market. I could use a little of that. :)

Angel Lust PR said...

wow I stumbled on your blog and I love it all!!!

Audre said...

Love it and you featured makeitawesome, I love her!