letcetera printed on treeless paper


this is such a cool company coming out of brooklyn. letcetra makes not only papergoods that are easy on the eye, but also on the environment. all of their cards are printed with soy inks on paper made of mineral powder that is 100% degradable in nature and needs absolutely no trees or water for it's production. they are a lighter weight paper stock than most notecards, but are completely eco-friendly! i'm so proud to have them on board for the green pop market. click here to see their letcetera patterns which are available in any letter customizing any occasion to anyone.

Jan Halvarson


Uncle Beefy said...

This looks SO great and certainly the perfect choice for the eco-friendly fontophile! (That mineral powder "paper" is really nice...great feel, by the way.) Way to go Letcetera! (Great name too!)

Anonymous said...

I love the patterns! So pretty..and the colors are wonderful!