"how to paint your furniture" by something's hiding in here


something popped out at me passing by somethings hiding in here's flickr photostream last night. not that that it's a surprise as i don't hide the fact that their work is always popping out at me (they make the most amazing things, have you seen?). it seems as though everything they touch turns to beautiful cool, including their home decor. i LOVE the idea they have going on in their work/home studio spaces. where vintage pieces are painted in modern colors and then combined with complimentary modern furniture pieces to create this fusion-type furniture.

i had to email shauna and stephen immediately and ask if they would mind, first of all if i could snitch a photo or two for a post, and then if they would mind sharing how they refinished them with us here. i have two pieces of my own, just waiting for a splash of paint, but i've been procrastinating for what seems like eons (as i haven't a clue where to begin). so a HUGE thank you goes out to this dynamic duo from philly. they have totally inspired me to get out the brushes and take on this much feared (but wanted) project. they obliged my request and have made this task seem a little less daunting. (i think all along i've been taking it way too seriously). here's how they did it in shauna's words:


shauna: so... painting furniture. first, let me say that stephen & i differ on what we think the "appropriate technique" is for this. the biggest difference is how much of an investment the original furniture is. i will also tell you that all our painted pieces have probably been painted 10 different colors, it seems that every year i want to change ALL the colors in our house.

in this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/somethingshidinginhere/2339390892/ the coffee table was probably about $15 at a salvation army. we used a latex primer first. we always paint the corners first and then use a mini, sponge roller for the paint. right now that coffee table has a satin, latex blueish color that has been sanded back through to show the previous raspberry color in the edges etc. seriously, that piece has been painted many times!

for this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/somethingshidinginhere/2339381016/ the night stand was something crazy like $5 at a thrift store. we didn't sand, only washed it down and went for it. we used a high gloss latex in orange (like the home depot orange).


for nicer pieces like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/somethingshidinginhere/320980954/in/set-72157594416871770/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/somethingshidinginhere/2264365944/in/set-72157594416871770/, that may have cost a bit more money or that we think we will have a long time, we spend the time to do it right.

1) remove hardware
2) lightly sand the surfaces
3) wash with warm water
4) prime
5) paint corners etc with a brush
6) roll with a foam mini roller

i like high gloss latex, because i think it keeps the pieces from feeling "shabby" and a bit more modern, but a satin finish works too. in general you need to do two coats of paint. two light/thin coats is always better than a heavy one. this is a key tip that most people don't follow!

thank you soooooooo much for this shauna (+ stephen)! not so scary anymore!



{update: i also just wanted to share with you their incredible paint, fabric and wallpaper swatch sets they've made. don't you just want to live with these people?}


Jan Halvarson


Andrew said...

Small nitpick:
Eons. Not ions. Ions are atoms that have gained a charge.
(Don't hate me! I love your blog!)

caleb miles said...

Just looking at the studio makes me want to create! very cool

Unknown said...

Hi! I just found you via yaelfran. Whoa - that is quite possibly the coolest place in the world to live, ever ever ever. And thank you for the hints on furniture painting. I just got a big tall boy from my grandma and I really want to do something with it, so I'm thinking some high gloss black would look pretty good...or maybe yellow...or electric blue...oh dear, I feel I may be spending the next week painting everything I see!!!

Paperama said...

Wow, what an amazing & inspiring place to live. Now I really feel like i have to clean up my appartment ;-)

rosiemusic said...
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rosiemusic said...
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yellow owl said...

it is a fact that these two rule. sometimes after sanding i wipe the wood down with rubbing alcohol. it evaporates really quickly and tends not to raise the grain.

Leah said...

what an awesome space! love the style and color choices. so inspiring!

Joanna Goddard said...

yay, i'm bookmarking this. thank you!

microtard said...

Um... I'm really curious to know how much they pay for this place and if I should bail on New York already....