collecting: happy mundane + it's knot wood


it's been a while since i did a post on collecting, but there are still a few nuggets out there waiting to be cracked open and luckily one just got dropped in my email yesterday and i'm so thrilled! jon from happy mundane and it's knot wood has sent in his collections which i asked him about recently. here is his take on this fun bunch of things:

why you collect these items and how your collection started?

A friend of mine once described me as one of those "Bower birds" ( These birds are attracted to random found objects, frequently blue or shiny, and carefully selects them for a specific place for it's bower. So, likewise, I guess I've always been attracted to random little small objects. Most of these collections started while going to thrift shops and estate sales when I was looking for stuff to decorate my house with.


how do you display them or would like to display them?

I usually display these collections on ledges or cabinets throughout my house.

what are your favorite pieces in the collection, is
there anything unique?

my favorite pieces are these wooden animals I've been finding. I have a few birds, and I recently scored this wooden toy monkey. It's not an original one, but it was a little dirty, but in pretty good condition and he was only 2 dollars. I just found another one at this garage sale. It's a smaller version. It had an ear broken, but he's so cute and only 50¢.


what piece are you most looking for, and what piece would complete your collection?

Lately, I've been starting to collect these happy-faced pottery from the 70's. I haven't been able to find much about them, but I know they were made locally here in So Cal, back in the day. They always make me smile. I'm not sure how many versions are out there, but if I could find some sort of catalog that had all the styles, that would be amazing.


besides this collection, if you could collect anything in the world, what would it be?

If money were no object, I would love to collect different types of
houses! How fun would that be?!

that would be totally fun! thanks jon!

Jan Halvarson


Design Scouting said...

I love Happy Mundane and I love your collections posts -- always inspiration.

alyson. said...

those wooden birds are fantastic.

Miss Crowland said...

I totally have that little white textured plate! President's Choice, at Lowblaws.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Beautiful! Just found your blog. Thanks so much for the great info!