how to install a font on a mac

since i post about fonts so much I get a number of emails asking me how to install them on their computers. i have a mac so i can only help mac people out here, but this is how it's done.

if you have OS X and higher, you should be able to click on the font folder (that appears where your downloads go - mine is on my desktop), then click on the .ttf file within that folder and font book (which comes with OS X) should automatically open when you do that. when it opens it will show the font you just clicked on and then you just click on the "install font" button. and then close the font book. you should then be able to access it from any application when you are selecting fonts.

Jan Halvarson


alyson. said...

either that or you can just drag the font into your font library folder, which is listed under your user name.

for PC, same thing goes. when I worked for my previous company, we used PC, and simply dragged the file into the Fonts folder.

easy as pie!

Loopy said...

Oh! And on the same lines, if the font is only PC (silly PC...), You can convert the font file to a MAC font file by using the TT-Converter found here: