art, glorious affordable art

terrarium print by geninne

hopeful limited edition print by betsy walton, $35

home by a little hut, $49

the candlestick print by katrinek, $20

pile of wood on paper by geninne, $20

flirt print by yellena, $15

oval ivy by ditazol, $25

bear speak by oh my cavalier, $14

indian summer 2 by 12fifteen, $15

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Those fantasy creatures by Yellena are scrumptious!

beckie said...

you've picked some of my favorites! I love seeing people love what I love.

Michelle said...

i just bought a print by Oh my Cavalier and I can't get enough. i love the rest of her stuff too!

Anonymous said...

I just brought the Indian Summer print. Thanks for the link!