hippyxic's home in portugal

hippyxic has been a contact of mine for a while on flickr and i've always been amazed at her use of color. each time i see one of her images it's always so colorful and happy. i emailed her to ask her if she'd mind sharing her pictures here on poppy as a slideshow. as an interior designer for the past 22 years, lu says she's always inspired by bohemian style, with a little kitch. she loves french magazines such as cote sud, cote ouest, maison magazine, le journal de la maison, as well as german and english ones like living etc.

in portugal lu says they don´t have many stores, but she loves to go to ikea, habitat, (she has been a decorater for habitat stores) and she loves zara home. other things she finds in the garbage, as she says she is so lucky because she really does gets great finds on her hunts. she lives in a village which is very old and pretty, "SINTRA" that is a world heritage spot and on her walks she always finds something. things like this and this and this! even furniture as well! many other things are made by her, such as the pillows and curtains. she loves to put old things with new ones and she always tries to see other functions for an object or piece of furniture. thanks for sharing with us lu! click here for the slideshow.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

such gorgeous, inspirational pictures! what a beautiful home, thank you so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

And She is a colourfull person inside as well! A great tallent!