renegade craft fair - (mini guide) - part two

here's part two from my renegade craft fair picks. (part three on it's way this afternoon.)

pen felt rings

lorena barrezueta ceramics


ifn books

perch design

Jan Halvarson


Bronwyn said...

Thanks so much for posting things from Renegade. I saw a poster for it on another website and thought I'd really like to go there. But seeing that I live in South Africa it's not exactly an option, so thanks for the glimpse. I love the felt rings.

LORiOLA said...

Those are the most amazing dishes I have ever seen. Thanks for posting them, I just requested a catalog.

Delaney Gates said...

Man, such talent!!! Thanks for posting it all!

Anonymous said...

The felt rings are adorable! I also like the look of imogene products.