kalon studios

One can't go wrong with design for a sustainable culture, and Kalon Studios is not only sustainable, their product is also beautiful and functional. Researching further, Kalon is an ancient greek concept, meaning "the highest form of beauty". An appropriate name then.

Their Isometric chair represents a union of two distinct elements. Using the structural integrity of bamboo, made with 100% all natural, non toxic and sustainable materials and the precision of CNC manufacturing locally. Available with or without their delicately carved motifs.

The Ioline changing trunk, a personal favorite, is an answer to functionality without leaving the aesthetics behind. A unique changing table designed to fit anywhere in a home. Storage space below large enough to hold diapers, wipes and creams, p.j.'s and onesies. And can be used as a reading bench and toy chest for toddlers.


Jan Halvarson

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