tunto of finland

i'm really liking this finnish company i happened upon called, tunto. their pieces are a little edgier and i like the idea of not taking a room so seriously like adding something like their skede chair to a hall entry way for example.

loving their m3 boxes (above). use as a chair, storage or double them up to make a unique coffee table. the m3 seat has been designed by mikko kärkkäinen. the patterns and illustrations have been designed by pablo steffa, jani tolin, miika saksi, tomi freeman and jan fagerroos of njoi colab.

skede chair made out of a skateboard deck. the graphic decks are finnish control decks.

these swings made up of layered pieces of birch wood.

the frame of the kukka table is made out of compressed birch veneer and the top is birch plywood. the surface of the table is finished with a beautiful matte varnish. available with a jani tolin illustration (kukka tolin) or in plain colour (kukka blanko).

(via padstyle)

Jan Halvarson

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cindy said...

hi jan,

thanks for making my sparrow print your etsy pick of the day.
i'm loving the work of tunto, i have a slight bias to black and cream.