Art for Your Summer Walls | 9 Beachy Prints

With summer just around the corner, it's always fun to consider freshening up your space and what better way with some new affordable art for your walls. From beachy vibes to warm water evenings all in the muted tones we're loving right now, here's a few pieces we came across recently.

1. Lisa Golightly
Really in love with Lisa Golightly's newest summer-inspired works.  (Above - coming soon) and (below) Days at the Lake.  Click here for more info.

2. Cassia Beck
Love this print called Nature's Playground. Click here for more info.

3. Clare Elsaesser
Beautiful summer hues in this scene by Clare Elsaesser. Click here to see more of her work on Etsy.

4. Beaches of Italia
by Lucy Laucht
A nice photograph of a beach scene in Italy. Click here for more info.

5. Kirsten Beets
A water/beach scene from Sourth Africa's Kirsten Beets. More here.

6. Samantha French
New work in progress from Samantha French. Click here for more info.

7. Paul Ferney
Love this one by Paul Ferney called California Sun. Click here for more.

8.  Confetti House
Always love this pool we see often on Instagram from the Bondi Icebergs in Sydney, Australia. The print is called "Take a Dive". Click here for more info.

9. Dream Makers
The Sea and Me print would work well in a grouping of summery prints. Click here for more info.

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Jan Halvarson

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Greta said...

These are fantastic...I love that Samantha French print.