cabin + cub

being a huge woodburning fan, i was thrilled to see these new plaques up at the cabin + cub shop on etsy. sides are painted vibrant rich red. needs no framing and is ready to hang.

part of the hob snobs collective, cabin + cub also have some cool screenprinted mini notebooks and greeting cards.

check out their cork coasters too, featuring a lovely branch and blossom design burned right into the cork.

update: valerie will have more plaques up today, if they've already sold out. keep checking back! (09:47 am).

cabin + cub shop from vancouver, b.c.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Wow! I openned my reader this morning and poppy had pictures! I love it! Note the over use of !!!!

Jan Halvarson said...

it worked? i wasn't sure if i got it or not, thanks for letting me know!!!

lisa solomon said...

:( i still don't get the pics in bloglines - but i just visit anyway :)

these are SO CUTE!

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks for visiting anyway lisa, this blog would be so lonely without you!