i received an email today from ayesha of trunkt who highlighted some product they have in their store that poppy readers may be interested in.

one of my favorite, five and half's thiebaud's cakes journals. of course we all like cakes and journals. they go so well together. and while you're there, check out momofuku (instant noodles) journals, another fun one.

there was actually alot i liked over at trunkt, like these inleaf lavender filled sachets (image below), some gorgeous printed fig towels and prints by huan nghiem. thanks ayesha!

Jan Halvarson


jessica said...

so happy to see inleaf featured! they are made in my area, and we sell them in the store in which i work. they are so lovely and smell heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Five and half has such great products.

lisa solomon said...

uh oh... must clutch wallet tighter