magnetic dolls

i've always had a thing for paper dolls. whenever i was sick as a child i remember my grandmother would stop by with a big orange and a paper doll book. and i know if i was a little girl now i would love to get these magnetic ones and i think i would love to have the city girls one. with the paris cafe and shoe store as a background, oh the imagining to be done!

these ones from mudpuppy come as world travelers, ballerinas, princesses and city girls. great for taking in the car or places on the move.


Jan Halvarson


Susan Schwake said...

well, i know I just can't get enough paper dolls and magnetic ones would have been really fun!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I love paper dolls and these magnetic ones look so much fun!


Thanks for the gifty's awesome! Magnetic dolls are PERFECT especially for a two year old...the won't rip. xoxoxoox