kermodi christmas

anyone who has seen kermodi's creations while visiting the tables down at granville island knows, these are stunning plant designs. they specialize in exquisite succulents usually planted in black ceramic or metal pots topped with a white pebble mix but now for christmas they have some wonderful designs to give as gifts or to adorn your home through the holidays. (from left to right; miniature christmas tree in a classic grey metal planter topped with velvet moss - 4.25" x 15" - $24; bamboo steamer paperwhite grow kit - already wrapped and ready to give - 8" x 5" deep - $32.95; bromeliad flower nestled in a deep grey terrazzo egg - 8" x 11" tall - $49). order online here or if you live in or near the lower mainland, here are their market dates:

granville island, vancouver, b.c.
market dates
december 18 -24

portobello west fashion & art market at the rocky mountaneer station
1755 cottrell st. just off terminal avenue, vancouver, b.c. (by home depot)
saturday, december 16

smitten christmas market
at blim 197 east 17th ( at main st. ), vancouver, b.c.
saturday, december 23 12-6pm

Jan Halvarson

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