cosas + house doctor

found a great line out of denmark called house doctor via anneli who carries some of the house doctor line at her new online store cosas out of sweden.

imeda mentioned this past week that swedish photographer/blogger, anneli had opened up an online shop featuring scandinavian goodies and having a swedish heritage i couldn't resist to take a look.

cosas has gorgeous house doctor embroidered textiles on crisp white cotton bed linens placemats, and even lampshades.

(top left) black vinyl lace placemats in a set of four..

size: 25x35 cm

price: 79,00 KR

(middle left) white cotton with black embroidered placemat. (design also comes in serviettes, towelettes, lampshades and bedding)

size: 35x45 cm

price: 89,00 KR

there are also some traditional scandinavian holiday decorations that is a must see.

and i am loving this wrapping paper she wraps your purchases up in if it's a gift. (just look for the word presentservice).

Jan Halvarson



Oh how I envy you so much now. You read swedish!

lisa solomon said...

*fallen over* too good too good!!