plus d

from plus d out of japan some cool little accessories for the home or office that add a little fun and sense of humour to the situation.

first off, this bulb cup. made out of the same glass used for light bulbs, you can decorate it with interesting knick-knacks (i'm thinking snowglobe) or a favorite figurine, flowerpot or even a drinking glass.

includes a silicone base.

the tube door stopper (to look like a tube of paint) comes in an array of colors and fun to hold open that next door of yours that needs help.

this one i adore, the banana door stopper comes in ripe or green.

both made of soft silicone rubber.

and to influence you not to throw out your rubber bands, these little animals will keep you from tossing. plus they shape back into the animal it was after using.

all from the land of japan and a cute company called +d.

(as seen at our friendly little paper-ya place, granville island, vancouver).

Jan Halvarson


hautenature* said...

I have been searching for that banana stopper--didn't know the company, thanks.

Funky Finds said...

love the banana!

lisa solomon said...

the lightbulb glasses... swoon