i don't know what ceramics and fonts have in common, but i'm not complaining whilst admiring these wheel thrown vases from emigre's online shop.

partially glazed, with some exposed stoneware on the outside.
black glaze on inside.

(this one) 6 inches tall.
Item No. 150


these wrapping papers (set of 6 sheets; two sheets of three different designs), are composed from various illustration fonts; fellaparts (yellow), whirligig (red), and whirligig (green).

each sheet is 22.25 X 31.5 inches, offset printed on uncoated stock.
shipped as flat sheets folded down to 7.875 x 11.125 inches.
the paper is lightweight, opaque, and slightly off-white.


Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

i am really loving orange right now - beautiful! great link - thank you!

lisa solomon said...

yes... love the orange!

Anonymous said...

that orange glaze is just fabulous!!