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a while back (and a mean awhile, time just keeps slipping on me), i attended a student art auction at the emily car institute of art and design. while i couldn't make it for the actual auction, i bid on a couple items using the absent bid process. i obviously underbid and never received a phone call that i bought something, but these pics i keep seeing them in my iphoto gallery and wish i had won at least one of them. my favorites? these two. a photo series of a long alley in the downtown eastend and a flowered canvas with a screenprint of a fisher price toy with the most amazing pink. i love student art.

meanwhile, while visiting the eciad site, i noticed an interesting exhibit coming up this august called, bag and baggage. "bag and baggage addresses the challenge that visual artists must overcome to exhibit their art away from their place of residence - it is a challenge that has become more evident in recent years as the artworld has become more globalized and more international exhibition venues become available." it is the second part of a group exchange exhibition between marseille and vancouver that will take place in the concourse gallery of the emily carr institute of art and design, granville island, vancouver, b.c.

the rest of my photos from the auction can be seen here.

Jan Halvarson

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lisa solomon said...

oh - i'm sorry you didn't win - those are both great [i commented on the one on flickr before reading this]...

that exhibit sounds AMAZING! i wish i could go!