fontshop news

i just received a copy of fontshop news, a newsletter from the seller of fonts online. a few good articles to peruse:

deciphering the fonts in blueprint magazine and
graff artists mix styles in the exchange

also if you're really into fonts there are some great font blogs out there. first off, appropriately named, fontblog by jurgen siebert if you're lucky enough to read german. and unzipped, by yves peters. interesting reads and downloads, or like me, if i can't understand the german, just nice to look at the pictures.

if you would like to receive FontShop news, including notices of free font downloads, send mail to an interesting read for you fellow alphabet friends.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

These are great, thanks for the links. I am new to typography and fonts, but really want to learn more. Anyone have some suggestions on some must-read books for a newbie font-lover like me?

lisa solomon said...

like i need MORE stimulation... heh heh... but of course i'll go and sign up.... anything for fonts!