it's been a while since i talked about cameras. probably because the subject reminds me i don't have the cameras i want. a digital slr, a holga, a lomo , let alone all the accessories that go with them. oh did i forget a polaroid?

well just another item to attach to my long list is this lensbaby i found while reading its review by photojojo.

apparantly its a lens you can attach to your digital slr that will give you the beauty of a lo-fi holga. "your $150 buys unadulterated photographic fun--a cool effect reminiscent of a holga or a tilt-shift lens..."

thanks to poppy reader, karina from fototiller blog (a great blog all about foto's!) who left a comment last post, reminded me how much i like everything foto related.

Jan Halvarson


meridith said...

oooh looks like lots of photographic fun. i wish i had a holga too!

lisa solomon said...

i heart my lensbaby... i wish i had more time to play with it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the mention of fototiller! I have been wishing for a lensbaby for some time now - among other things (holga, lomo, a real tripod etc. etc.)

Anonymous said...

You NEED a lomo. My lomo is just the bees knees. I went to Prague with it and took the most amazing pictures I've ever taken! I attribute them to the camera, for sure. Mine's sick right now, I'm freakin' out! I need a digital slr too, and have always wanted a holga, and that lensbaby looks rad! Man, now I'm reminded of how much crap I want and can't afford, arg! Well, thanks for the photograhpy stoke of the day! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the lensbaby blur!!
maybe you´ll also be a lensbaby soon ;)