things i love thursdays

i almost forgot it's things i love thursdays. i LOVE typography!

you know i joined a new flickr group called typography and lettering which makes my heart leap out. it's one of those things i've overlooked i guess and it really is worth a look if you are at all into letters and numbers in a big way.

i also found another called folk typography all hand-painted letters and numbers.

and get a load of good paper goods on flickr full of handmade cards, tags, stationary, anything to do with writing. love these by evanichole also a whole bunch of lovely lettering going on at letterpress pool. (insert alphabet song here).

check out the other i love thursday participants here and here.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

LOVE lisa @ good on paper!!! :)

dare i go look at the flickr pool?? i'll NEVER get off of flickr then!

Jan Halvarson said...

lisa - no don't! it's an endless pool!

joy - good luck - don't get lost!

andrea said...

oh, me too! me too!

and I made the mistake of not only clicking on the above links but joining the groups... now I'll never get anything done! still, thanks for the links. always! :)

and of course, I love the photo!