a design a day

mon6, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

my first day attempting to do a design a day with the encouragement of lisa's! at first the idea seemed daunting, but with her encouragement and perspective, perhaps it will not be and will make my objectives more obtainable. thanks lisa for this! here we go! (if you go to my flickr you will see some of the images used here; this tree; this wall and this vespa).

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

good for you, jan! what a great idea. and I know you can do it.

love this one, I do. I looked at all three photos on your flickr and I have to say-- I love the way you blended these three images, love what you came up with...!

lisa solomon said...

yay jan!! this is so going to rock. how can you not love something w/ a vespa in it??

i'm so so excited to see what you come up with.... :D

Jan Halvarson said...

andrea, thanks - coming from you i'm thrilled you like it.

lisa - yay! thanks so much for your inspiration and yes it will be fun to see what happens.....yikes!