design a day - week one

design a day 4, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

completed week one in my design a day challenge for myself. it's been hard yet looking back not so bad. this last one is a picture of an aunt of mine (pregnant) in the 30's. i think i will post each monday like lisa and see how i do. if i'm really at a loss for posts i may post the odd one mid week; hey i really am not good at any rules; so best to just not talk about any of this. you can see day three here and all of them together here. thanks for everyone's support and feedback it is so welcome!

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

I like your designs and how the styles are so cohesive.
:) Wish I knew enough on graphics to do a design a day!!! I need to find some classes.

lisa solomon said...

oohh! are you thinking that a color might be pervasive for the week?? like this week's blue????

jan - these are stunning... and they go so well together! i'm really loving that outline car!!!!!

BRAVO!!! can't wait for all the weeks to come

Anonymous said...

hi jan, these are great! love your colors esp. on the one with your aunt and the scooters!

andrea said...

yay jan! week one completed... and how great to see them all together like this. dig your style, yes I do.

Jan Halvarson said...

hey elizabeth - you still could! look at me.
lisa - wow - thanks again for your kind words of encouragement, coming from you i am so honoured, really! wowza!
joy - thank you too - this is all so warm and fuzzy these comments!
andrea - hey - thanks to you too for your encouragement and support! so fun!