shop cocoon

found my way to shop cocoon today which i've heard about, but hadn't got that way until now. they opened up in november and house a collection of indy labels. the retail space is a joint effort in promoting independent brands/labels. a designer has the opportunity to rent a part of the store with only a 4 month commitment at very reasonable rates ($250-550, depending on how much space you use). the rent covers all the costs of running a business, the designer gets to set the price of their product and keeps 100 percent of the sale.

highlights for me of course, were these letterpressed cards and notebooks by unison letterpress. some amazing designs, especially the valentines on really thick textured cardstock. loved the display with the mini press.

poor helvetica, gets a bit of a bad rap really, it's not so bad in it's right place no? here's a shirt for those harsh helvetica haters in the world though.

loved this canvas above that fabulous (actually turquoise) couch which wasn't for sale; the couch that is. and didn't find out who did the screenprint (canvas) but keep thinking about it.

so this place is also full of pillows, jewelry, clothing in addition to the letterpress and art. cool idea.

here are a few of the other designers there:

modish inc. (jewelry)
nettie (designs for your space)
wrongwroks (clothing)
third floor designs (lingerie)
roger allen images (photography)

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

What a cool shop! Personalli I'd prefer a t-shirt saying "I hate Arial";o)

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Who hates Helvetica?!

Anonymous said...

ha! that "helvetica" shirt is's probably the wrong fun to hate since it's so versatile and comes in so many styles...helvetica neue is great. (sorry, my design nerd is coming out...)

mati rose said...

great stuff here! i used to work for a design firm that made a t-shirt that said "hotter than helvetica". i'm not sure if they were being ironic?

Anonymous said...

Must check this place out! Thank j.

andrea said...

ah, yet another place to visit should I ever make my way up to your neck of the woods...! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

so glad there are still helvetica lovers around.

oh joy - i'm with you on that!

amber and mati rose - so cool to see you here!

alex - lets check it out together darling!

andrea - yup!

Anonymous said...

ohh, seems like a beautiful place to buy beautiful things...unfortunately my sister chose the other side of canada ;)

Anonymous said...

come spring break i'd love to go shopping! - we must go to lark 8th ave too!

Anonymous said...

come spring break i'd love to go shopping! - we must go to lark 8th ave too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful place, love the mini letterpress and the couch, cushion and print-wow, fantastic decor.