nando costa

nando costa (one of my hero designers) has been interviewed by pingmag.

he mentions in the interview he will be involved in developing a site basically like the Wikipedia Encyclopedia but about design. it's format won't be like wikipedia, but more like a blog with something new to look at everyday. this one i look forward to.

his new book, "disorder in progress" features work by his wife, linn olofsdotter and edurardo recife to name a few is now available in his new store section on his site. if you're interested in seeing photos of the printing process, which was finished in february of 2006, please visit flickr.

update: just found a new interview on linn olofsdotter here at taxi.

Jan Halvarson



wow, what a brilliant couple! and that flickr is interesting, indeed.

lisa solomon said...

wikipedia of design? is it true??


andrea said...

what an INCREDIBLE resource this will be... wow.