here we go etsy-lu

want this little vespa hoodie by stinkerbell in the etsy shop.

and these aqua looped earings by queenthings.

and this ocean sponge card set by port2port.

Jan Halvarson


Anabel said...

If you want to make "a vespa",look this:

Katie said...

oh that vespa hoodie is just adorable. too bad it isn't in my size. but it would look smashing on my goddaughter!

Anonymous said...

hey look at that! i come to read your blog this morning, and my tiger pond earrings are here! :D:D:D

thank ye!


Anonymous said...

hey there.... look at this. thanks so much for the mention. i'm a week behind on my blogs since i took a hibernation. can i send you a single card? i would love to ... just special for you! email me your postal address to:

thanks for inspiring. mav

Jan Halvarson said...
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Jan Halvarson said...

thanks anabel - may have to try that
katie - i know i want one for myself too
jenny - :D
mav - my pleasure - i will email you soon

andrea said...

drooling over it all-- but especially those earrings by jenny. and I had to show ward that hoodie with the vespa on it because he wants a vespa something awful. I told him that owning that little hoodie just might be the closest he would ever come to actually owning a vespa. and then I felt bad and had to retract that statement... :)

Jan Halvarson said...

those earings are the best aren't they...and that vespa - don't you just love that little hoodie.